As I have been traveling through District 73 and meeting with voters and delegates, I have been encouraged by the level of support I am receiving. I believe this will lead to a strong showing at the state convention tomorrow, and I am excited to see how things go.

In addition to the support I am receiving from voters around the district, I am grateful for the growing list of community leaders in District 73 and throughout the state that are supporting my candidacy. Click Here if you would like to share a statement of support.

Today my campaign received a copy of a letter signed by 37 leaders from the communities where you live. To me this is more than just an endorsement. These are the leaders who I plan to work with closely as we accomplish the important work ahead. With them in my corner, I think we will accomplish great things.

Here’s a copy of the letter if you want to read it: lyman-endorsement.pages

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