About Phil

Phil Lyman was born and raised in Blanding, UT, and he is a proud lifelong resident of southern Utah. He married his high school sweetheart, and together they have raised five children. The Lymans love Blanding, and they love southern Utah. Phil hopes that his children can find a way to settle down and raise their families in Blanding. If this were to happen, Phil’s nine grandchildren would be the 7th generation of Lymans to call southern Utah home. Phil’s roots in southern Utah run deep, and it is from these deep roots that he finds the inspiration and motivation to fight so hard for southern Utah and its strong rural communities.

Phil has been fighting to make southern Utah a better place for decades.

  • Phil has the educational background, professional experience, and record of service to be a strong advocate for District 73 as the district’s state representative:
    A Certified Public Accountant by profession, Phil understands the challenges of starting and running a successful small business or not-for-profit organization.
  • Phil started the Blanding Area Travel Council, which has been hugely successful in bringing local travel-related businesses together. He recognized that proactive locally-driven growth was the antidote to unwanted and opportunistic outside interests taking over the local economy.
  • In 2005 Phil helped to organize and was the charter president of the local Rotary Club. The club immediately sponsored a second club in the County and Rotary continues to be an important part of both communities.
  • As a county commissioner, Phil championed fiscal accountability. He worked to reduce unnecessary spending while increasing accountability from county departments.
  • Phil is chairman of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition board, and he has worked to bring fiber to the far reaches of rural Utah, as well as major infrastructure projects that will enable rural counties to participate more fully in Utah’s robust economy.
  • Recognizing the local interests were being subject to unnecessary bureaucratic red tape, Phil helped to form the San Juan County Public Health Department. Since its organization in 2014, the health department has grown from four employees to twelve, and services have more than quadrupled, especially on the Navajo Nation where needs were not being met.
  • Phil led a task force to address intergenerational poverty in Utah. He also serves on the board of San Juan Counseling, the entity that handles the county’s behavioral health programs.
  • Public land issues are of vital importance to Utah, especially southern Utah. Wilderness advocacy groups, like The Wilderness Society, have abused and exploited the inefficiencies of the federal agencies for their own purposes, and in the process have severely damaged what should be good working relationships between the state and the federal agencies. If these challenges are to be resolved, taking into account local interests, the people of Utah will need bold representation.
  • Education: Accounting degree form BYU’s Marriott School of Management, and master’s degree in accounting and taxation from the University of Utah.

Utah House District 73 is comprised of nearly 95% public land. Strong, informed leadership is vital to preserve the culture, customs, diversity and lifestyle that define our rural southern Utah communities. In addition to the experience listed above, Phil has been on the front lines to protect his county from the overreaching federal government when it comes to issues of land use and management. You can learn more about Phil’s efforts to protect southern Utah from encroaching federal power here (Link)

Phil is ready to serve, and he hopes to earn your vote.

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