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Learn why your friends and neighbors in District 73 are supporting Phil Lyman!

MIke Noel

“I support my brother from another mother, Phil Lyman, 110%. He’s the right choice at the right time to keep up the fight in District 73. I have his back all the way.”

Darin Bushman

“There’s nobody more well-equipped to wrangle the Federal Government with regards to Road Rights-of-ways, Rs2477, and Public Land Usage. Phil has the knowledge and experience that House District 73 needs.”

Bette Arial

“As I travel around the southern part of the state, I see a great need for the highest level of representation in our state legislature. Phil Lyman is the man to fulfill this mandate. He is dedicated to doing the right thing, even when his own comfort is jeopardized. Phil is the man to see that fairness comes to the management of lands in District 73.”

Sharidean Flint

I have known Phil for over 20 years and he is my hero. I am the mayor of a small town so I know how difficult politics can be and how easy it can be to compromise your principals under pressure. Phil has NEVER done this. He is a man of complete honesty and integrity and I only wish I lived in his district and could vote for him. I hope you win Phil!

Newell Harward

“Phil Lyman has a deep understanding of the needs of the district that he will represent. His experience in private business and in government gives him a head start in serving in the Utah House of Representatives. Please vote for Phil.”

Dirk Clayson

I strongly support Phil Lyman. He is well educated on the subjects affecting Southern Utah and has been an avaid defender of our public access rights on public lands. Phil is a level headed clear thinker and can be counted on to be at the table and stay involved to find solutions to problems. I trust Phil in every way to represent us!

Jerry Taylor

I am proud and honored to publicly announce my endorsement for Phil Lyman in his upcoming bid for election to become our new state representative of District #73.

I have had the privilege over the last several years to work with Phil, and have personally seen how hard he works for each and every one of his constituents. If elected to this position, he will be taking over for Mike Noel, who has chosen to step down at the end of this year. A vote for Phil, is a strong,conservative, vote saying that District #73 will stay actively conservative in their ideas and values. A vote for Phil also means a continued drive and work ethic which was already established within this district’s strong leadership.

I want to see Southern Utah stay strong in its fight for public lands and Phil has proven himself as an advocate in going to battle for use of our public lands. Phil along with many other conservative minded people, work hard everyday to keep all of our personal freedoms intact.

Please show your support by reposting and liking this message. Above all, get out and let your voice be heard in November’s upcoming elections. VOTE PHIL LYMAN for District #73 State Representative.


Jerry Taylor
Garfield County Commissioner

Leland Pollock

Phil Lyman is a true believer of multiple use on our Public Lands, his opponent is not.
Single use is absolutely part of the liberals agenda. Simpley put, if you want sawmills back, healthy forests back, hunting, grazing, mining, drilling, and above all, true and honest public land back, Vote for Phil Lyman.

Garfield County Commissioner
Leland Pollock

Nicole Perkins

I strongly support Phil Lyman in his bid to represent our district for a State House seat. He is a true Statesman who reflects the values and love of liberty similar to that of our Founding Fathers. He has sacrificed and advocated tirelessly for rural communities and land rights issues. He knows the fight of growing a prosperous, small business in the midst of many years of federal tyranny and the heavy tax burden laid upon them. He is patient, passionate and persistent. Phil Lyman does not seek political office for personal gain. Quite the opposite. He seeks political office because he feels a deep seeded obligation to stand up and DO something rather than sit and around and wring his hands while moaning that the world must be coming to an end.

Phil Lyman is a fearless fighter who has proven his loyalty by walking the talk. I pray those who are State Delegates will seize this opportunity to continue the legacy of Mike Noel and vote Phil Lyman as our State Representative. I know I will be…

Trina Hosler

I have known Phil for nearly 3 decades. He is as good a man as they come!

Carl Darnell

I have known Phil for several years and he is a fine upstanding person. A man I trust completely.

Jacob Swanson

I strongly endorse Phil Lyman. There isn’t a better person for the job.

David Tebbs

I fully endorse Phil Lyman for the Utah State House of Representatives – District 73! Phil understands the issues that threaten our lifestyles, customs, culture, and heritage here in Southern Utah. He supports tourism, grazing, and will fight to limit Federal overreach on our public lands. Phil Lyman is the only conservative Republican running for District 73, so please encourage your friends and family to get out and vote for Phil Lyman!

Brett Stewart

Phil,thanks for being a huge advocate for the OHV Community and fighting to protect our public access and rights. We could not ask for a better replacement for representative Noel.

Don Sprecher

Phil Lyman stands with the people of our district, and the values we traditionally live by.

Kevin Wing

I have found Phil Lyman to be a man of moral integrity. Phil truly loves the people and is ready to serve.

Jonathan Johnson

You are just the person his district and all of Utah needs representing it. You are a man of action, character and principle. I wholeheartedly endorse Phil Lyman for Utah House if Representatives.

Bud Bruening

As President of UTV Utah, Utah’s largest off-road group we have fully supported Mike Noel and greatly appreciated him. We look forward to working with you and supporting you in the same fashion as well!

Sheriff Cameron Noel

I endorse Phil Lyman for Utah House District 73. As a Sheriff I appreciate legislators who understand the role of political accountability in law enforcement. No citizen should be subject to unrestrained federal law enforcement officers hired by unelected bureaucrats. We have seen how these agencies disregard the will of the people and use their power to further a political agenda. The geo-political boundaries that define a county are not just lines on a map. The jurisdiction of the Sheriff within those boundaries is not subject to interpretation by the US attorney, or the BLM, but is derived by the consent of those who elected him. It is vital that we have leaders who understand this and who are willing to stand behind the Sheriffs. There is no doubt where Phil stands on this issue. As a county commissioner he has proven that his loyalties are to the people he represents, not to Washington and certainly not to outside special interest groups.  He will be a champion on the legislature for the citizens of Utah and for local elected law enforcement.

I would also like to say something about roads. Road are the veins and arteries of our counties. They were built at great expense and sacrifice by those who preceded us, and they should not be treated as inconsequential by us today. Our roads link us to the places we care about, but they also link us to our past. It is no wonder that outside wilderness advocacy groups have launched an attack on our roads and the people who use them: our cattlemen, our industries, our ATV enthusiasts, and our families. If we do not defend our roads, we are bound to lose them. Counties are the first line of defense in preserving our access. Once we lose that, we have lost a part of our freedom. It is far too easy for a federal agency to close in a moment what others have built, maintained, and used for a lifetime or even for generations. Like our current Representative (who is also my father), Mike Noel, Phil understands the importance of keeping our roads open.

We are at a pivotal time in Beaver County and in Southern Utah. We need a proven fighter on the legislature. Phil is that fighter. Please join me in supporting Phil for District 73.

Letha Burtenshaw

Phil Lyman is one of the most ethical men I know. He has been through horrendous hardships brought on by those that are trying to destroy San Juan Co. brought on by unscrupulous people. He has stood strong against these people. I support him because he is honest, kind and will represent us and our great County. Go Phil!!!!



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