Phil Lyman for Treasurer

When I recently learned of Former Utah Treasurer David Damschen’s resignation from his position, I was disappointed to see him leave. I also became interested in the process of how he would be replaced. In several discussions with colleagues and friends, numerous people suggested I throw my hat in the ring. The field was already filling with capable candidates, and it became clear it would be a difficult race. However, as I began to think what I could offer in the position, I decided it would be worth the effort to convince the Republican members of the SCC that I would be a good pick. Then I could make my case to Governor Cox, who will have the final say in who becomes the next treasurer for a limited term.

I have decided to throw my hat in the ring, and I want members of the SCC and Governor Cox to know why they should consider Phil Lyman for Treasurer.

Inflation is the enemy of a healthy economy. It is especially hard on seniors who are on a fixed income. Recent federal actions such as shutting down production in the name of COVID-19 while pumping trillions of dollars into the economy in the name of stimulus is a recipe for inflation. If you have paid recently for medical procedures, or a college education, or even a 2×4 at a home-improvement store you know that we are in period of steep inflation, despite with the federal government is telling us.

What can be done? Fortunately, we are a nation made up of sovereign States. States are as sovereign in their sphere as the federal government is in theirs. States can and should step between the people and destructive federal policies. Legislatures are vital in this endeavor, but so too is the Treasurer.

Advocating for sound investment, sound bonding, and sound banking practices, the Treasurer has the potential to greatly benefit the citizens, communities, and local governments of the state. In the current state of federal tumult, Utah has an even greater duty to aggressively create buffers that keep Utahns free.

As treasurer, I would value our sovereignty above all other endowments. Utah has the brightest people, the richest lands, the best work ethic, and the foresight to truly be a crossroads of the world. By making a significant investment in our energy sector with Nuclear, advanced coal, and hydrogen, and continuing our research into thorium and molten salt reactors, Utah will lead the country into an era of clean, cheap energy that will drive other industries. Water infrastructure will service not only our cities, but our rural areas, our factories, and our agriculture. With 67% of Utah’s land controlled by the federal government, Utah is disadvantaged compared with other states. It is time for the West to say “enough” to the unconstitutional federal domination of the land within out state boundaries. Utah’s GDP should be two to three times what it is currently and, with the growth we are experiencing (and will continue to experience) we will need to grow the economy much faster than the population to stay economically secure. With an investment in transportation across the state, we can share the prosperity of Utah with all corners of the State.

Strengthening our subunits, the counties and municipalities, we can reduce the cost of good governance while bringing that government closer to the people.

Utah has always grown stronger with adversity. As Treasurer, working with the Governor, the other executive officers, and with the legislature, I truly believe that Utah can not only weather the storms but can thrive in these times of uncertainty.

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